Imagining Cardinia - Round 2

We are planning for the future of the community you will grow up in. Your ideas will help Cardinia Shire Council understand the views of children in the community and assist in the development of:

  • Cardinia's Community Vision 2040
  • Council Plan 2021-2025
  • Financial Plan 2021-2031
  • Council Budget 2021-2025
  • Round 2 survey

    Draft community priorities

    Project timeline

    Round one summary

    Round one of consultation took place online in November and December 2020. To ensure young people were involved we met with Schools and kindergartens and promoted the opportunity to participate via flyers, posters, Connect magazines and social media.

    Round 1 data summary graphic

    Round two

    Round two of consultation will occur between January and March 2021.

    A panel of Cardinia residents will be appointed as the 'Imagine Cardinia People's Panel'. This panel will review the feedback given in round one and information about Cardinia Shires challenges.

    The panel will also hear from some children's representatives that participated in workshops with over 70 primary school children early in February 2021.

    From 17 February until 3 March, a further broader community survey will be available for you to participate in so the People's Panel can test their recommendations for Council Plan priorities and the proposed Community Vision with you all.

    Round three

    Round three of consultation will begin in April. You'll be able to review the draft plans and provide feedback.

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