Thank you to everyone who had their say on the draft Disability Action Plan.

Feedback on the draft plan is now closed.

  • Council will consider all feedback before finalising the plan.
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  • Council is developing an Access and Inclusion - Disability Action Plan that will be informed by input from our community.
  • It will set out what we'll do to make our workplace, services, programs and community more accessible to people with disability so that they are equitable, inclusive, and safe.

We consulted with you from April to June 2021, and your ideas and input helped us to write the first draft of the Disability Action Plan. Now it's time to make sure that these are reflected in the draft plan.

Your feedback so far

From April to June 2021, we consulted with you for ideas and input to help us write the first draft of the Disability Action Plan.

You shared your ideas about:

  • accessible spaces and places
  • the importance of having a strong community
  • working, learning and living in Cardinia Shire.

From these, 3 strong themes emerged:

1. Liveable places

Create accessible spaces and places, focusing on:

  • access to services
  • access to buildings
  • accessible outdoors
  • accessible businesses

2. Strong communities

Help build an inclusive culture that reflects our diversity by:

  • changing attitudes
  • celebrating diversity
  • raising disability awareness
  • clearly communicating information
  • boosting participation

3. Maintaining independence

Increase opportunities to live, work and learn locally.

  • Create opportunities
  • Celebrate successes
  • Become an employment leader
  • Increase housing options

These 3 areas are covered in the draft plan and illustrated in the diagram below.

Please let us know if YOUR priorities are reflected in the draft Disability Action Plan by completing the survey in the tab at the top of this page.


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The action plan has 4 priority areas: 1. Create accessible spaces and places, 2. Inclusive culture reflecting out diversity 3. Living, working and learning locally, 4. Preventing discrimination.