Consultation update - June 2022

Thank you for your feedback on the draft Road Management Plan 2022. We are considering your feedback and will be finalising the plan over the next couple of months. Please Follow the page by clicking the yellow button above to keep informed about our progress.

Have your say - Road Management Plan

Council has a statutory responsibility under the Road Management Act 2004, to maintain and manage local roads within Cardinia Shire. Our Road Management Plan is reviewed every four years following a Council election and sets out procedures and systems for the management of public roads (not including main roads such as VicRoads arterials and freeways).

We have recently reviewed our 2018 Road Management Plan. We are now proposing to:

  • revoke the existing Road Management Plan which it made on 10 December 2018; and
  • make a new Road Management Plan ("the proposed RMP").

The proposed RMP outlines the standards and level of service provided in maintaining the roads that are managed by Council. It sets out how often the roads will be inspected and how quickly Council will respond to road issues.

We are seeking your feedback about the proposed RMP. Please access the draft RMP via the Document Library on the right. Written submissions can be made via the online form below until 7 June 2022.

To help you identify the proposed changes following our review please see the Summary of Changes document in the Document Library on the right.