About the project

Pakenham’s newest integrated Child & Family Centre (Thewlis Child & Family Centre – interim name) is currently under development, and due to open its doors to the community early 2025. The centre will provide Kindergarten, Maternal & Child Health as well as hireable spaces to support delivery of other early years programs and allied health specialists.

Cardinia Shire is located on the traditional lands of the Bunurong and Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. The name ‘Cardinia’ itself is derived from the Boonwurrung or Wadawurrung word ‘Kar-din-yarr’ meaning ‘look to the rising sun’ or ‘close to the sunrise’.

We are asking you to vote on your preferred name chosen by our Place Names Advisory Committee and in consultation with the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation. Participate in the survey below, open now until 30th June 2024.

Proposed Names

  • Benup (White Gum)

    Benup (ben-oop) talks to our connection to Country and Culture. We use gum leaves for many things including Traditional Ceremonies like a smoking ceremony which we still practice in our current day.

  • Boollam Boollam (Butterfly)

    Boollam Boollam (Bullam Bullam) to Bunurong people this symbolises growth, development, and change. It represents the journey of our community and how we evolve, mirroring how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Just as the butterfly undergoes a transformative process, it serves as a reminder of the constant evolution and growth that occurs within us and our surrounding community.

  • Nearkey Biik (Take care of Country)

    Nearkey Biik (Near – Key, Bik) speaks to caring for Country, Water and our people. This is the foundation that our Cultural Values are built on and is taught from birth.

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