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We’re proposing revisions to our current Governance Rules (last amended in August 2022) to continue to improve public transparency and to take account of legislative amendments.

The Governance Rules determine the way Council:

  • makes decisions
    • in the best interests of the community;
    • in line with Council's Public Transparency Policy;
    • fairly and on the merits of the matter before the Council; and
    • in a way that ensures any person whose rights will be directly affected by any or all decisions will be entitled to communicate their views and have their interests considered;
  • elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor;
  • conduct meetings of the Council and Delegated Committees;
  • give notice and make recordings of meetings;
  • be informed in its decisions making through community engagement and Council officer reports;
  • require the disclosure of all conflicts of interest; and
  • apply rules for the conduct of the Council and Councillors during the Election Period.

The Draft Governance Rules are attached in the Document Library below for your viewing, as well as summary of the proposed amendments. Please review these documents and leave a comment below for consideration.


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Share your comments below based on the following amendments to the Governance Rules:

  • The proposed notice period amending for:
    • Publishing agendas for ordinary and special Council meetings on Council’s website for 6 days prior to the meeting
    • The lodgement of notices of motion (including recission notices) at least 14 days prior to a meeting
  • Bringing community question time forward to benefit community members asking questions at meetings.

Community Comments

21 April, 2024

Tony O'Hara says:

Submision emailed to Manager, Governance, Safety and Property, Cardinia Shire Council. Not enough text allowed to include the clauses.

17 April, 2024

Tony O'Hara says:

140 characters is not sufficient to be able to seriously comment on this issue. Please increase .