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The Emerald Lake Precinct Masterplan (ELP) was formally endorsed by Council on 15 May 2023. Council would like to thank everyone who provided feedback to help shape the final masterplan.

The plan represents a shared vision for the precinct and sets the direction for its future. We listened to your feedback and made the following changes to the draft masterplan:

  • Extra toilets will be part of the large new shelter on the site of the existing ELP café
  • Change facilities will be included as part of the new toilets in the playspace area
  • The Gums Amphitheatre will be repurposed to an informal gathering space rather than another space for events and performances
  • The Bunurong Amphitheatre will still be upgraded but without the arbour element
  • The opportunity to support food vans will be included as part of the Lakeside carpark upgrade
  • The band platform in Nobelius Heritage Park will not be upgraded. Instead, a new picnic shelter and barbecue will be added
  • The number of bird hides in the western forest will be reduced to one

The next step is to start detailed design for Stage 1 in the 2023/24 financial year (subject to Council annual budget endorsement). Stage 1 will include:

  • Upgrade of the playspace (playground, water play and public toilets). The community will continue to be informed about the water play options with an opportunity for further engagement
  • Large new shelter and picnic area with new toilets including the removal of the existing ELP Cafe
  • New exercise hub for all ages and abilities
  • Expression of Interest (for external investment) for the waterside cafe
  • Improvements to the Lakeside carpark including more parking spaces, alignment of the Eastern Dandenong Ranges Trail (EDRT), carpark lighting and infrastructure to support food vans
  • Renewal of the Gus Ryberg Amphitheatre seating, and
  • New arbour to support the wisteria in Nobelius Heritage Park.

As part of the stage 1 detailed design for the water play, consultation will take place in the 2023/2024 financial year.

For the endorsed Emerald Lake Precinct Masterplan and Consultation Report, view the document library on the right side of this page.

About the draft Masterplan

To enhance Emerald Lake Precinct we've developed a draft Masterplan which proposes a range of improvements to the precinct. The Emerald Lake Precinct comprises of Emerald Lake Park and Nobelius Heritage Park.

The draft masterplan has been developed in line with our vision for Emerald Lake Precinct as set out in the Emerald Lake Precinct Strategic Plan 2020 – 2030 which was adopted in 2020. To gain an understanding of the issues and opportunities for the precinct, extensive community consultation was completed in 2018 and 2019 with locals, park visitors and the wider community. The consultation informed the following key themes in the 2020 Emerald Lake Precinct Strategic Plan:

  • Playground and pool
  • Events and activation
  • Food and hospitality
  • Parking and road access
  • Maintenance standards and upkeep

The draft masterplan is based on these key themes and a precinct vision. Emerald Lake Precinct is 58 hectares and upgrades, changes and improvements are well needed to this well loved and established precinct. The masterplan implementation will be over a ten-year period. Funding will be from a variety of sources including Council’s capital works program and external funding opportunities.

The site overview plan below shows the five zones that will be referred to during community consultation. We are seeking your feedback about the proposals for each zone as well as about the playspace and the overall precinct. Your feedback will help us prioritise how to implement the Masterplan over the next decade.

How to provide your feedback

About the precinct

Click on each of the black and white buttons on the site diagram below to read more about the proposed key changes for the overall precinct such as:

  • Proposed removal and replacement of the Cafe with shelter and picnic area
  • Opportunity for cafe operated by private investor in the Lakeside building
  • Proposed new play space and zero depth water play (removal of wading pool)
  • Proposed significant upgrade to the Gus Ryberg Amphitheatre
  • Proposed removal of some toilet blocks and a new toilet block centrally located to the main activities and car park. The historic Lake Treganowan toilets will also be upgraded.

We have proposed a list of priorities for the Emerald Lake Precinct below the site diagram. Please consider the list and provide your feedback about your top priorities for the Precinct. There is more detailed information about our current ideas for the precinct in the FAQ section.

You can also provide detailed feedback about the proposed Precinct Wide Actions by visiting the Masterplan Zones page.

About individual zones in the precinct:

For more information about the proposed changes and upgrades to each zone, and to provide your zone specific feedback, please click the yellow button below.

For more information:

Attend a drop in session at the Emerald Lake Park - Lakeside Office (next to the paddle boats). Times and Dates are to the right in the timeline section (to the right of this screen).

Don't forget to ...

Check out the Masterplan Zones page and share your feedback about the proposed changes for each zone. Thank you!

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