The Skate Park is now open! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the design.

We have now completed two rounds of community consultation on the proposed design for upgrades to the Cochrane Park skate park in Koo Wee Rup. Thanks to everyone who participated in the consultation process.

We have a final design which we are excited to present to the community. Please see the design in the document library on the right hand side of the page.

The final design has been prepared based on feedback received during the community consultation process. Consultation involved pop up workshops at the skate park and at Koo We Rup primary school as well as an on-line survey. We attended Koo Wee Rup primary school where we received an overwhelming positive response from 200 grade 3-6 children. The feedback we received during the consultation has been taken on board to develop the final design.

The skate park design:

Further to the community consultation process and your feedback on the concept design, the new skate park will be a ‘combination’ style facility that caters for all user types and skill levels whilst ensuring it’s not crammed with too many elements.

Your feedback has led to a design which includes the following elements:

  • a mini ramp design allowing users to flow around it with a semi-bowl like feel that can lead to the street run for additional function and transfers;
  • a long street run that features various elements i.e. bank ramps, rails, ledges, split level, manual pad etc;
  • differing heights and complexity in these elements to encourage use by beginners - a common request by local users;
  • ample open space around elements where users can practice their basic skills before putting them to the test;
  • retention of connections to existing infrastructure i.e. paths, basketball court etc. to further encourage both active and passive use;
  • retention of all existing vegetation; and
  • elevated areas to accommodate future seating, and potentially shelters, along with shared zones between the adjoining facilities.

Cochrane Park skate park is a key open space within Koo Wee Rup and surrounding areas. The skate park is well used by the locals. This has become even more apparent in recent times, where we’ve seen an increase in use of these types of facilities by our young people. The upgrade of the skate park will provide the community with a uniquely designed and family friendly skate facility that is supported by the existing surrounding facilities. We understand how important these facilities are for you and we will improve the skate park in its existing location, to support the increase in use and overall enjoyment of skateboarding, scooting, and BMX riding by the locals and surrounding townships.

We have engaged Grind Projects who will partner with one of Australia’s best-known skate park designers Baseplate, to design and construct the Cochrane Park skate park. Baseplate recently designed the very popular Gembrook Leisure Park, located in Gembrook.

Consultation Round 2 has now closed. Thank you for your feedback. We heard from 33 people during the consultation and the final design reflects this feedback.

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