Project update

About PB Ronald Reserve

PB Ronald Reserve (Anderson Street, Pakenham) is located near Pakenham’s business district.

The reserve currently has:

  • open space
  • tennis courts
  • bowls
  • Pakenham outdoor pool
  • playground
  • skate park
  • shelters and barbecues
  • cricket nets.

The reserve is also home to the Pakenham Library and Hall, U3A, Pakenham Living and Learning Centre, community garden, SCOPE disability service and the RSL memorial walk.

The reserve hosts a number of community events during the year including the Pakenham Show and Yakkerboo Festival.

Endorsed Masterplan

The PB Ronald Reserve Masterplan – endorsed by Council

The masterplan for PB Ronald Reserve in Pakenham was formally endorsed by Council on 16 August 2021.

Council would like to thank everyone who provided feedback and input to help shape the final masterplan for PB Ronald Reserve.

The plan represents a shared vision for the reserve and sets the direction for the future of its active and open space areas.

The plan has now been adopted by Council and will be delivered over the next 10 years.

The first stage of delivering the masterplan will be the detailed design of the skate park and parkour circuit which is expected to commence this financial year 2021/22.

Other key features of the masterplan include:

  • An upgrade and expansion of the existing skate park
  • A new parkour circuit and exercise station
  • A new stage with power for festivals and events
  • Improved lighting, landscape and drainage to support use of the reserve for large events
  • New multi-use courts for basketball, netball, tennis, soccer
  • An additional bowling green and surrounding seating
  • New picnic/BBQ area near the Living and Learning Centre
  • Relocation of Remembrance Cenotaph and plaques, creating a safer and accessible location for gatherings
  • Upgrades to toilets, furniture, and shelters
  • Improved carparking and planting throughout the reserve
  • Upon the relocation of the tennis club to the Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre, the existing tennis courts will be removed - refer to FAQ for more information
  • Additional bowling green
  • 2 new multi-use courts – one for tennis, and the other for sports including basketball, soccer, netball
  • New seating, shelter and drinking fountains for sporting area
  • Upgrade and extend existing skatepark including new bowl, upgraded skate elements
  • Parkour circuit
  • Upgrade the exercise station
  • Replace existing shelters, BBQs and picnic tables with accessible infrastructure
  • New furniture in picnic and active areas
  • Upgrade existing toilet facilities to include storage for CFA use of running track
  • Water and power facilities for events
  • Enhance and upgrade existing carpark
  • Remodel CFA running track to allow for additional play such as scooter track with CFA theme
  • Upgrade car park for bowls club and outdoor pool
  • Additional pedestrian access into the reserve
  • Vehicle/maintenance access from the Living Learning Pakenham carpark
  • Vehicle access from Henry Street to form a pathway in front of the new proposed location for the RSL cenotaph, so there is a larger areas to support commemorative gatherings.
  • New BBQ picnic area on the Henry Road side of the reserve, next to Living Learning Pakenham
  • Relocate the RSL Memorial Walk – cenotaph and rock plaques
  • Additional planting throughout the reserve
  • Additional pedestrian bridge from the new bowling green and multi-use court
  • Proposed new location for the Men’s Shed
  • New stage with shelter and power for festivals and events
  • New lighting in line with CPTED principles with allowance for CCTV as required
  • New park lighting for events
  • Improved landscape and drainage to support use of passive green area for large events
  • Public art installation

The PB Ronald Reserve has been identified as a potential site for a proposed multi-cultural hub. The future implementation of the PB Ronald Masterplan may be impacted on by this proposed development.

Draft Masterplan Consultation

What was included in the draft masterplan consultation

Phase one community engagement 2019

In September 2019, phase one community consultation was undertaken to see what people wanted in the redevelopment of the masterplan in 2020.

The Draft Masterplan was prepared based on the feedback from 2019 and presented to the community in June - July 2020.

The key features of the Draft Masterplan included the following key elements:

  • Relocation of the remembrance cenotaph and plaques, creating a safer and accessible location for community to gather.
  • Provide additional carparking through shared use of the CFA running track.
  • Upgrade and expansion of the existing skate park.
  • Provision of new parkour circuit and upgraded exercise equipment.
  • New picnic / barbeque area near the Living and Learning Centre.
  • Upgrade existing and provide new furniture and shelters across the site.
  • Upgrade existing public amenities, supporting CFA storage.
  • Improve the passive open space to support events including a new stage, 3 phase power, solar lighting, vehicle access and pathways, drainage improvements.
  • Replace existing tennis courts with new bowling green and an open multi use court suitable for basketball, netball, tennis, soccer.
  • Relocation of the Men’s Shed to a more suitable location.
  • Provision of new carparking supporting the multi-use court, swimming pool, Men’s Shed, Bowls Club and providing connections to the broader reserve.

Phase two community engagement 2020

Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown had a significant impact on how the community were engaged. Council staff were unable to meet face to face with key stakeholders, attend the Secondary Schools, or hold a ‘pop up’ consultation for community members to attend, ask questions and/ or provide feedback.

Through online surveys, emails and phone calls, the community were asked what they liked / disliked / wanted to see changed about the Draft Masterplan.

The results from that community engagement process saw the following amendments made to the draft masterplan:

  • Changing the multi-use court to include two courts – one with a tennis focus and the other multi-use as originally designed. This is to take into consideration strong feedback around tennis.
  • Adding an additional footbridge from the playground to the greenspace to improve access.
  • Additional notes to clarify the following aspects:
    • CFA running track practical aspects.
    • Wayfinding signage.
    • Community garden - sensory play and food strategy alignment.

Phase three community engagement 2020

The Final Draft Masterplan was presented to the community from Dec 2020 – Jan 2021.

Feedback received saw the following changes to the plan:

  • Reinstate the CFA running track with improved amenity by creating a themed scooter / bike track as opposed to additional car parking. The track will be available for community use and closed off only during CFA training activities as required.
  • Relocate the Pakenham Men’s Shed back to the north western part of the reserve to improve connection with the existing Shed. It was not well connected with the courts and swimming pool. This is still yet to be finalised and may be impacted upon by the multicultural hub.
  • Shared pathway along John Street, with possible pedestrian crossing at John / Henry Street round and traffic calming along John Street in line with Council’s Local Traffic Management Strategy.

Since then, discussions have commenced regarding ways to improve how our Indigenous communities can connect and utilise the reserve, as well as a project to install artwork on fencing surrounding the swimming pool plant to improve amenity of that area.