We are committed to listening to children’s voices in Cardinia Shire

Ensuring that children are given opportunities to be their best, and that they are valued, respected, celebrated and heard.

We listened to the voices of children during this consultation and below are the most popular ways they would like to be communicated to and provide input and feedback.

This information assists us to create community engagement plans that are inclusive of the voices of children.

Please share the feedback results with any child that was involved in the first round of consultation. If they are interested they can also look at the Draft Community Engagement Policy and provide feedback via the below feedback form

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Discussion points for preparing the children prior to talking about Local Government:

Explain what is the role of Local Government/Cardinia Shire Council in their community.

Eg.Local government is the smallest form of the three types of government. The federal government oversees the entire country, and the state government oversees an entire state. Meanwhile, the local governments oversee the smaller areas that make up a state, like cities and towns. Cardinia Shire Council overseas *Insert name of town your are in eg. Koo Wee Rup*