About the Pakenham South Employment Precinct Structure Plan

Rapid population growth in the south east of Melbourne has generated the need for additional local job opportunities for residents of Cardinia as well as neighbouring municipalities.

The Pakenham South Employment Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) facilitates 185 hectares of employment land located within a State significant industrial precinct to provide job opportunities. It sets the vision for the land ensuring a high standard of urban design and amenity with a local convenience centre, access to public transport and local parks with a shared path network.

Further information about the State significant industrial precinct can be found at VPA’s South East Economic Corridor Strategic Context Report to 2060 page.

About Amendment C265

Amendment C265 incorporates the Pakenham South Employment Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) into the Cardinia Planning Scheme and implements the PSP by rezoning land for industrial uses.

The proposed industrial employment precinct will:

  • provide approximately 185 hectares of industrial land adjacent to employment land that is rapidly nearing completion;
  • allow for the creation of approximately 3,500 additional jobs for the local community; and
  • provide an employment precinct of high amenity and the opportunity for local residents to work within close proximity to home, reducing commute times.

The land is located directly south of the industrial South East Business Park and south west of the Livestock Exchange.

The precinct is bound by:

  • Greenhills Road to the north
  • Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road to the east
  • Green Wedge land to the south, and
  • McGregor Road to the west

Amendment C265 proposes to:

  • Insert Schedule 6 to the Urban Growth Zone and apply to all the land.
  • Incorporate the Pakenham South Employment Precinct Structure Plan into the Cardinia Planning Scheme.
  • Apply a Heritage Overlay (HO14) for the heritage building and trees at 'Windarra' 40 Greenhills Road, Pakenham.
  • Delete the Heritage Overlay (HO42) from 'ITU Milking Shed' 100 Greenhills Road, Pakenham as it is no longer considered to be of local heritage significance.
  • Apply a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO7) and Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO2) over the wetland located south of the precinct.
  • Include additional native vegetation provisions due to no vegetation having been identified to be retained in the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.
  • Introduce referral requirements to South East Water for planning permits within the Pakenham Water Recycling Plant buffer.

View the Amendment C265 documentation.

Council resolved to seek authorisation to prepare Amendment C265 at the Council meeting on 16 March 2020.

Amendment C265 was on exhibition from 15 October 2020 to 26 November 2020.

Privacy Collection Notice

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Submission Form

Submissions for Amendment C265 closed on 26 November 2020.

At close of exhibition

At close of exhibition a report goes to Council. Council considers the amendment and all submissions received. If concerns cannot be resolved, Council refers the submissions to an independent Planning Panel for consideration.

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Council received 13 submissions. In accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 all the submissions have had personal information redacted. The submissions have been consolidated into one document which is available for viewing online.

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Council resolved to refer the submissions to an independent Planning Panel for consideration at the Council meeting on 15 February 2021.

Notice of Panel Hearing

Due to COVID-19 and the associated physical distancing requirements, a Directions Hearing for Cardinia Planning Scheme Amendment C265 was held by video conference on 12 March 2021.

The Main Hearing is scheduled to commence by video conference at 10am Monday, 12 April 2021.

Parties to the Hearing have been contacted regarding these arrangements. The Panel will hear this matter in an open forum, consistent with its obligation to conduct hearings in public.

To observe proceedings, you can access the live stream at Cardinia C265card Panel Hearing. If you have any questions, please contact Planning Panels Victoria at planning.panels@delwp.vic.gov.au.

As with in-person hearings, please be advised that the Hearing must not be recorded in any part or in any way without permission from the Panel. This includes audio and video recording.