Draft Urban Design Framework - Officer

We have previously consulted with the community in preparing the draft 2016 Urban Design Framework. We are now undertaking further community engagement to finalise the Framework.

We've developed a draft Urban Design Framework (UDF) to inform planning related decision making for the future Officer Town Centre. This framework is a long-term strategic vision and aims to achieve our goal of promoting safe and inclusive spaces for communities to live, work and play.

The draft UDF takes into consideration previous community feedback about how people would like to experience the Town Centre and how they would like it to look and feel.

This engagement process ensures our community have a say in what Officer’s Town Centre looks and feels like where appropriate. The UDF is a planning guideline and as such it has to be consistent with the existing Urban Design Guidelines Victoria, the Cardinia Planning Scheme and the Officer Precinct Structure Plan. Please read more about the UDF below and provide your feedback.

We have and will continue to assess planning permit applications as they are submitted and cannot control which applications come in nor can we prompt landowners to act on approved permits. The work being undertaken on the UDF to date has not delayed or prevented development occurring within Officer

About the UDF

The draft Urban Design Framework (UDF) includes:

▪ Framework maps and diagrams to describe the design outcomes sought by the UDF.

▪ Objectives to set the vision and ambition for the development of the precinct over time. These are delivered through implementing the design requirements and guidelines.

▪ Design requirements to provide the mandatory guidelines that must be met and the discretionary guidelines that should be met by development proposals.

▪ Guidelines that express how the discretion will be exercised by the Responsible Authority in certain matters that require a planning permit.

Indicative Concept plans and diagrams are used to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’. It acknowledges any future development application within the precinct may vary from the indicative concept plans while still meeting the objectives and design requirements. There are many ways upon which the objectives can be realised, the indicative concept plans only demonstrate one of many possibilities and aims to set a benchmark.

This strategic framework considers the look and feel of public spaces within the area and provides a bigger picture to ensure the public realm is enhanced.

This consultation includes the survey below and in the tabs 'Precinct Guidelines' and 'Show us' and is open until 5pm on 17 March 2023.

Precinct Guidelines

Sub-Precincts Definition & Ambitions

Our goal is to create a place where sustainable, compact and productive urban living will be supported by attractive local and regional destinations. It will be anchored along the vibrant Siding Avenue, within easy access to quality civic, recreational, education and employment nodes. Future development will be supported by pedestrian orientated public realm and well-connected active transport.

As existing and future visitors and residents in an upcoming Town Centre located in the heart of Officer, we would like to get to know you – why you would visit or live in Officer and how you would like to feel within the different precincts set out in Cardinia’s Planning Scheme. Some precincts include a variety of public spaces like plaza areas, outside commercial strips, pedestrian links and play equipment. We would love to hear your thoughts on the sensory elements of these spaces, giving us an opportunity to guide Council’s conversations and direction into the future.

The 5 sub-precincts:

The Officer Town Centre comprises 5 designated sub-precincts as identified in the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP).

1. Gateway - a consolidated commercial precinct contributing to the character of Princes Highway and to the sense of arrival to the Town Centre.

2. Core - a pedestrian oriented vibrant heart with commercial, civic and community focus, offering an active streetscape and opportunities for integrated transport.

3. Mixed Use - a compact mixed use development offering a high quality public realm.

4. Local Business - a consolidated low-rise precinct contributing to revitalisation opportunities on selected key sites, transitioning to the adjacent residential areas.

5. Residential - a transition zone between the core precinct and existing ecological uses, providing a range of residential and commercial opportunities

The survey below is open until 5pm on 17 March 2023.

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