Project Update

The Station Street Beaconsfield Level Crossing Removal Project is in its second round of community engagement and LXRP are asking for feedback on specific design elements of the new road bridge and landscaping around the site.

You can have your say by visiting Engage Victoria by Sunday 23 April.

If you would like a hard copy submission form sent to you, you can contact the project team on 1800 105 105 or email

More information on Station Street Beaconsfield and Station Street Officer projects can be obtained through the Big Build link below:

Should residents or businesses have questions about the project, they can contact the Project team via their contact centre: 1800 105 105 or

Level crossing removal projects are delivered by the state government’s Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP), which is part of its Major Transport Infrastructure Authority.

LXRP is removing the level crossing at Station Street, Beaconsfield, and building a new road bridge over the Pakenham Line.

LXRP will also close Station Street at the level crossing in Officer to remove this level crossing from the road network.

Early site investigations are underway, with the project to be completed in 2025.

LXRP wants to hear what locals value in the area to inform the design and help them deliver the best outcome for the community.

Your feedback will be used to help LXRP refine the design.

LXRP is currently submissions via the Engage Victoria website.

Submissions close 30 October 2022.