Play Space Upgrades 2021

In July/ August 2020, we asked for your feedback and comments on what you would like to see in the new playground design for Kath Roberts Reserve in Beaconsfield.

We heard you, and have designed a playground we think you will love!

July 2021 update:

The Kath Roberts Reserve playground is now open to the public. Head down to Kathleen Court in Beaconsfield to see the completed project. Enjoy!

Proposed play space design

Current: Photo of play space in 2020 Proposed: Artist images of proposed play equipment

Upgrades to the play space at Kath Roberts Reserve are due to take place in 2021.

Images above show image of current play space and an artist impression of the upgraded play space equipment.

Who is Kath Roberts?

Kath Roberts Reserve was named after Kath Roberts whose family had the Post Office and store in 1930’s and 40’s and lived in a house on the corner of Woods Street and Beaconsfield Avenue.