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Share your views about how you use Eastone Reserve

We would like to better understand how Eastone Reserve is used by the local community. It is one of our many open spaces and is classified as a Neighbourhood level passive open space. This type of reserve generally attracts immediate families, neighbours and friends for informal recreation and relaxation. People visiting are generally within walking distance of their own home.

We would like to hear from you about your use of Eastone Reserve - the how, when, and for how long.

The survey has been prompted by a community petition requesting a local toilet. Based on its current classification as a Neighbourhood level reserve, Eastone Reserve does not meet Council's current criteria for a new public toilet. You can read more about how Council decides on new public toilets on the New Public Toilets tab below.

To help us gather more information about how you use this reserve and how it might relate to our Public Toilet Strategy in the future we would appreciate your feedback. Please use the User Survey tab below to provide your responses.

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User Survey

New Public Toilets

Council’s Public Toilet Strategy 2020-2030 outlines that new public toilets will be provided in accordance with the requirements of Council's hierarchy for open space management and will consider demonstrated community needs, demand and levels of service.

The Public Toilet Strategy states that public toilets should be provided in public spaces where residents spend extended periods of time or where high volumes of visitors to the region spend time.

In line with our hierarchy for open space, toilet facilities should be considered if a reserve is of a district level or higher. Therefore, a neighbourhood park like Eastone Reserve would not automatically have a public toilet provided.

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