This consultation is now closed.

Thank you for your participation in the engagement on the Draft Asset Plan. In finalising the Plan we considered feedback received as part of the Imagine Cardinia engagement as well as feedback received about the Asset Plan. The feedback received by us was to has expand the content of the Asset Plan to include additional explanation about the assets and further information on them. We took this feedback on board and have included this additional content in the Asset Plan.

To view the final document, visit A copy has also been uploaded into the document library on the right hand side of this page.

Help shape this long term plan which provides an overview of Council’s assets, how they help us achieve the Community Vision 2040, their current condition and how we’re managing them into the future.

We are in the process of developing Council’s first Asset Plan. The Asset Plan is one of Council’s corporate strategic planning documents, which sets out how we plan to use assets to deliver on the Community Vision 2040. The Asset Plan is targeted at helping our community understand the assets we use to provide services and our approach to managing them.

This document is required by the Local Government Act 2020 and is a new requirement for all local governments. The Asset Plan must provide information about the maintenance, renewal, acquisition, expansion, upgrade, disposal and decommissioning of each class of asset under Council’s control. The Act also requires the Asset Plan have a timeframe of 10 years or more to ensure sustainable decision making.

The draft Asset Plan has been developed based on the 2021/22 adopted budget and is presented for feedback. The contents of the document will be updated prior to adoption in June 2022 to reflect the draft 2022/23 budget (to ensure these documents are aligned and reflect Council’s latest data). Significant work has been undertaken in the 2021/22 year to better inform future renewal spending estimates and as such there may be significant changes in outcomes between this draft and final document.

Your feedback helps influence the information presented in this plan and future Asset Plans.

On the 21st February, 2022 the state government released guidance for the Asset Plan. Due to the timing of this release, we have not been able to incorporate this guidance into the Draft. As such, the guidance will be considered alongside your feedback prior to adoption.