How many different zoo animals can you see?

We went on a ‘Bear Hunt’ in March and April - now it’s time to go on safari!

This is a fun activity for kids at home and out walking with their families to be part of.

How to get involved:

  • Place a soft toy, picture, model or anything else representing an animal somewhere that children can see it as they walk around your neighbourhood. Keep in mind some ‘zoo visitors’ may wish to take a photo of what they find!
  • Keep an eye out for 'zoo animals' on your daily walks. Snap a photo of the creatures you find and upload them here when you get home. You can also drop a pin on the map below to show where your own 'zoo' is, or where you've found 'zoos' while out exercising.

Zoo map

Where are all the 'zoos' in your neighbourhood?

Share photos of your 'zoo' or ones you discover!