Community Storm Recovery: Connect, Restore and Grow

Your feedback on storm recovery

The recovery team has analysed your feedback and is using this information to develop the Municipal Recovery Plan. This plan will be available for community access late January 2022 on our webpage.

Community priorities

  • Clean up of fallen trees and green waste
  • More offline communication during emergencies such as clear signage and flyers
  • Accessing services during and after emergencies
  • Financial assistance and counselling
  • Preparation and planning for future emergencies

Suggested focus for events and programs

  • Social and recreation
  • Mental health and resilience
  • Emergency planning
  • Working bees and clean-up training
  • Developing a community welfare network

Programs in place to support recovery

There are programs in place to support your recovery, visit our website for more information.

The recovery team is working with community groups to develop programs and events around these themes. If you or your community group would like to get involved, please email the recovery team at

This survey is now closed for feedback.

We want to support community recovery from the 2021 storms and build connections between community groups and residents. We would like your input and ideas to help achieve this.

Telling us what is important to you is a starting point for the Recovery Team to identify community recovery priorities. These priorities will be used to create a municipal recovery plan. 

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About the survey

To develop the municipal recovery plan, we are calling for input from residents of storm affected areas.

The impacts of the storms 2021 caused significant damage and call outs to emergency services from residents and businesses within Cardinia Shire. Affected residents have experienced trauma and hardships through being part of a significant disaster event in the region. The recovery team is asking for input to develop programs that will provide residents with support and outreach within the community.

Besides practical assistance, recovery planning focuses on connecting communities and building social cohesion to create a stronger, more connected, and resilient community.

The goal of the plan is to support impacted residents and businesses by identifying recovery pathways and meaningful community led programs.

Your participation in this survey will help inform the recovery team of the priorities for the municipal recovery plan.

Survey closes Wednesday 1 December.

Submit your input

Children's Drawing Sheet

Show us or tell us!

Kids! We want your ideas for activities in the community!

As part of developing a municipal recovery plan, we are is inviting primary school students and preschool children to share their ideas on how people in their community can come together and support each other after the storms.

All children are invited to participate.

  1. Download and print the drawing sheet.
  2. Draw a picture of an activity you would like to do with your family or friends in your town
  3. Take a photo or scan your drawing
  4. Upload your image below!

Drawings can also be submitted in person at the Hills Hub in Emerald or emailed as a photo or PDF to

Submissions close: Wednesday 1 December.