About the project

Cardinia Shire Council is pleased to share a draft of its first ever Community Infrastructure Plan. The plan sets out how community infrastructure will be planned, designed, delivered, operated, and maintained for community use into the future. Leave your feedback in the survey below to help shape the Community Infrastructure Plan.

The draft plan defines community infrastructure as public buildings that provide community services to residents. The infrastructure categories considered within the scope of the plan include:

  • consult rooms
  • kindergarten rooms
  • hireable community and meeting spaces used for services, programs or activities
  • computer or training rooms
  • library facilities
  • kitchen facilities
  • public toilets
  • other spaces or facilities (such as arts and cultural spaces) where Council has a role in providing or facilitating use and development of community infrastructure.

Our community facilities are welcoming, vibrant and loved. A resilient network of high-performing community infrastructure that supports the health, social wellbeing and economic prosperity of our community, to enjoy a sustainable Cardinia for present and future generations.

  • To guide Council’s planning and delivery.
  • To focus on improving the performance of what we have while prioritising and directing new investment.
  • To respond to increasing demand due to our changing and growing population
  • To seek and secure external funding, advocacy and/or project partners.
  • Integrated
  • Accessible
  • Place Based
  • Future Proofed
  • Quality
  • Achieved Together.

The maps shown below include the audit results for the infrastructure in each region. Please review the audit results before leaving your feedback in the survey below.

The Community Infrastructure audit includes information about:

  • Facilities register – Information about each facility such as location, type of facility, age of building, spaces within the facility, size of spaces, and services currently provided within each facility. It also includes information about historic and future scheduled asset improvements informed by the Community Infrastructure Plan and the Asset Plan.
  • Quantity assessment – Assessment of current and future supply and demand, considering current provision and benchmark provision ratios which may indicate where there is a shortfall or oversupply of a service, and should be tested through the life of the Plan.
  • Utilisation/Capacity – Information about operating hours of each space within a facility compared to how often the space is used and for what purpose. (Note: This data is limited as Council only collects utilisation data for community facilities that are managed by Council.)
  • Building condition – Condition rating score in accordance with compliance requirements. (Note: Building condition assessments were conducted in 2019 as part of Council’s rolling assessment program. Revised assessments have been commissioned.)
  • Functionality (fit for purpose) – Rating score based on the degree to which the service can successfully operate from the building or space within the building. This includes existing agreed Council standards for the size and layout of spaces and other inclusions beyond building compliance. (Note: functionality assessments were conducted in late 2022/early 2023 using a newly developed assessment approach, where every building was assessed based on a suite of criteria (refer to Appendix 1 of the Community Infrastructure Plan)

We want to hear what infrastructure is important to you and your feedback on the draft plan. Your input will help finalise the plan and help inform future versions of the plan.

The survey also addresses the findings of the infrastructure audit. The maps shown below include the audit results for the infrastructure in each region. Please review the audit results before leaving your feedback in the survey below.

This concludes the survey. Thank you very much for your input.

Community Infrastructure for each region

Categories of community infrastructure as referenced in the maps below.

Hills Region

Growth Region

East Region

Southern Region

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