Cockatoo Roads project

Cardinia Shire Council has secured $150M funding from the Federal Government for construction and drainage works on unsealed local roads within the Dandenong Ranges and surrounds.

This funding will be rolled out over a 10 year period with $25M to be allocated in the first 4 years and $125M over the following 6 years. To supplement this funding and ensure the best possible outcomes for the community, Council are seeking financial contributions by way of a special charge scheme from local residents. Council will be using special charge schemes to construct roads with contributions from owners substantially supplemented by the Federal funding to maximize the extent of works which can be undertaken. Details of this are currently being finalised, however are expected to be released before the end of 2019.

Cockatoo Township has been identified as an area of high priority, and as such, Council has begun preparing preliminary design options. This includes a detailed look at the existing drainage system and improvements that are required, pavement alignments and designs, and the potential impact on the surrounding environment. Council is also undertaking works to determine priority areas for future stages. These upgrades will aim to improve: local access, drainage and runoff water quality to the nearby Cockatoo Creek, and safety, while reducing dust pollution and maintenance issues.

Cardinia Shire Council has been working closely with the Cockatoo community and Cockatoo Roads Action Group (CRAG21) over the past couple of years on the proposed sealing of Cockatoo roads. A public community meeting held on May 15 2018 decided that priority areas for special charge schemes in Cockatoo be developed. The decision by the community at this meeting gave broad direction to CRAG21 and Council for a more detailed investigation of how roads could be constructed using special charge schemes within the Cockatoo township.

Following discussions with Council staff in late 2018 CRAG21 surveyed most of the Garden Estate area and identified strong support from owners for a construction scheme.

  • Second Ave
  • First Ave
  • Springs St
  • Hazel St
  • Steane St
  • Neville St between Bailey Rd and Hazel St
  • Grenville Rd
  • Garden St
  • Glen Rd
  • Caroline Ave
  • Boronia Cres
  • Rouen Rd

  • The project area was selected by Council because of the survey completed by CRAG 21 early in 2019 and the use of Caroline Ave for access to the primary school.

    In addition to the engagement process outlined above, Council has decided to include further community consultation by establishing a residents’ advisory committee called the Cockatoo Roads Consultative Committee (CRCC).

    Cockatoo Roads Consultative Committee (CRCC).

    The CRCC is a new initiative driven by the community. The intention of forming the CRCC is to build upon the community engagement work undertaken by CRAG21 and involve the property owners in an advisory capacity in the project.

    The CRCC membership will consist of:

    • 1 Ranges Ward Councillor - Cr Jeff Springfield (Committee Chairperson)
    • Council staff from Infrastructure Services
    • 1 representative of CRAG21
    • Maximum of 8 representatives from the identified streets within the Garden Estate and Caroline Ave project area
    • Balanced membership covering whole of project area

    Additional Council staff will support the committee and provide advice where requested.

    The CRCC will:

    • Operate under a Terms of Reference (established by the Committee),
    • Play an advisory role, not technical - operate as an advisory committee to Council by assessing issues and reflecting the views of owners within the project area,
    • Meet at time, location and frequency of Committee choosing,
    • Attend an initial 3 hr workshop (early February 2020) with subsequent sessions to be determined as required,
    • Invite guests to attend meeting as required,
    • Disseminate information to the local community.
    Meetings will not be open to the public.

    Key issues to be considered by the committee will include:

    • Affordability
    • Construction standards – roads and drainage
    • Traffic calming (intersections, roundabouts and deviations, speed humps etc)
    • Health and safety issues (pedestrian safety, dust content and impacts etc)
    • Communications
    • Other matters that may arise

    Applications are now closed.

    Applications are being assessed by Ranges Ward Councillors and Council staff and successful applicants notified in January 2020.

    Further information

    For further information please contact the Community Development Facilitator on 1300 787 624 or