Round 2 community consultation - vote on your preferred images

In round 1 community consultation, we asked you which façade you would like applied to the new public toilet at Alma Treloar Reserve. You voted, and the winning facade is facade option #2 – photo film overlay with heritage photo.

We contacted the Historical Committee and asked them to provide us with suitable photographs. The images provided have been used for the community to vote on the final appearance of the public toilet.

We would now like you to vote on which heritage photos you would like to see applied to the public toilet façade.

There are 6 photographs pictured below.

You can click on each photo to view a larger photo and to scroll through the gallery.

Please rank the photographs in the feedback form below, in order of most preferred (#1) to least preferred (#6).

The photograph with the most votes will be selected for the front of the new toilet. The second and third most voted images will be applied to the sides and fourth most voted to the back of the toilet.

To be notified of the result, please click the yellow 'Follow+' button at the top of this page.

New toilets will be constructed at Alma Treloar Reserve, replacing the existing toilet.

  • The project is being delivered by Council and is funded by the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.
  • The automated toilets will have 2 gender-neutral accessible cubicles.
  • The new location of these toilets accommodates the space required for the layout and functionality of the amenities.
  • The floor plan for the new accessible toilets can be found by clicking on the floor plan on the right side of this page.