Flourish virtual art exhibition

Right now, as we physically distance ourselves from one another, we each face many challenges as individuals, as communities and as a society. As we are contained in our homes and neighbourhoods, many of us are taking this opportunity to look within and to reflect on what we consider to be most important to us. Many of us are allowing social isolation to regenerate us, giving us the opportunity to flourish as we emerge from isolation.

It’s this idea of how we might flourish as we move out of isolation life and into our new normal that we would love to explore with you.

We know that our Cardinia Shire community is alive with creativity; seniors dance, youth slam poetry, musical performance by emerging local artists, incredible artistic expression in portrait illustration, the list is long and exciting! We recognise the important role that art plays in navigating challenging times like these, and we would like to support and encourage you to share your own creativity at this time.

This is your chance to share your creativity with our community. Whatever your chosen medium, we are excited to see how you flourish.

Submissions now closed



Image submissions can include original photographs or photographs of physical artworks (this could include but is not limited to a photograph of an illustration, painting, sculpture or other creation).


Video submissions can include original videography, a video of a performance (this could include but is not limited to a video of a dance, song, spoken word or poetry recital) or a video of a physical artwork.


Audio submissions can include original recordings of a performance or produced sound piece.


Written submissions can include an original story, verse or poem of no more than 500 words.