About Amendment C257

Amendment C257 implements the planning outcomes of the Beaconsfield Structure Plan by applying a Development Plan Overlay (DPO25) to the Woodland Grove Precinct. It also removes the Beaconsfield Structure Plan as an Incorporated Document and lists it as a Reference Document in the Cardinia Planning Scheme.

Amendment C257 facilitates the following changes to the Cardinia Planning Scheme:

  • Inserts new Schedule 25 under Clause 43.04 Development Plan Overlay.
  • Amends Clause 21.03-3 (Urban Established Area – Beaconsfield and Packenham) and Clause 21.04-3 (Activity Centres) by removing the 31 December 2021 expiration date of the Structure Plan.
  • Amends the Schedule to Clause 72.04 by deleting the Beaconsfield Structure Plan, December 2013, expires 31 December 2021 as an Incorporated Document.

The proposed Amendment will provide greater certainty about the future development and built form outcomes for this precinct, and the requirements to be considered for future planning permit applications.

The Amendment applies to the land within the Woodland Grove Precinct as shown in the Beaconsfield Structure Plan. The land parcels affected by this Amendment are identified as No’s. 53-56, 67-71, 73-75, 81, 83, 85 and 87 Woods Street, Beaconsfield.

At the Council meeting on 21 September 2020, Council resolved to seek authorisation to prepare Amendment C257.

Amendment C257 was on exhibition from 11 February 2021 to 12 March 2021.

Submissions for Amendment C257 closed at 5pm on Friday 12 March 2021.

At the Council meeting on 19 April 2021, Council resolved to refer the submissions to an independent Planning Panel for consideration.

A Panel Hearing was held on 28 June 2021.

The Amendment C257 Panel Report was finalised on 29 July 2021.

At the Council meeting on 20 September 2021, Council resolved to adopt Amendment C257.

Amendment C257 was approved with changes.

The official notification is published in the Victoria Government Special Gazette Number S236 Dated 13 May 2022.