About Amendment C268

The Amendment is a combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment under section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and applies to the land at 49 Garfield Road Garfield.

The Amendment proposes to rezone part of the land within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) at 49 Garfield Road Garfield from Low Density Residential (Schedule 2) (LDRZ2) to Low Density Residential (Schedule 3) (LDRZ3), and rezone part of the land outside the UGB from Low Density Residential (Schedule 2) (LDRZ2) to Green Wedge Zone (Schedule 1) (GWZ1). The location of the UGB remains unchanged.

Specifically, the Amendment proposes to:

  • Amend planning scheme map ZN22 to apply the Low Density Residential Zone - Schedule 3 (LDRZ3) to the portion of the land within the Urban Growth Boundary.

The planning permit application seeks approval for:

  • a staged subdivision of the land into 37 low density residential lots
  • removal of native vegetation
  • creation and removal of easements
  • creation of restriction on the plan of subdivision

The Amendment is required to allow subdivision of the land into 2000 sqm sewered lots for low density residential purposes. Using the land for low density residential purposes aligns with the outcomes sought by the Garfield Township Strategy (August 2002).

View the Amendment C268 documentation.

You may also inspect the amendment documentation, free of charge, during office hours at Cardinia Shire Council, 20 Siding Avenue, Officer 3809.

At the Council meeting on 21 February 2022, Council resolved to seek the Authorisation of the Minister for Planning to prepare Amendment C268.

The Minister for Planning granted Authorisation to prepare Amendment C268 on 22 August 2022.

Amendment C268 was on exhibition from 13 October 2022 to 14 November 2022.

Submissions for Amendment C268 closed at 5pm on Monday, 14 November 2022.