Key points

  • 109 kilometres of unsealed roads in Cardinia Shire will be sealed as part of the Sealing the Hills road sealing project, which forms part of Council’s Better Local Roads Program
  • The Sealing the Hills project will be co-funded by property owners and the Australian Government via a special charge scheme
  • In 2019, Council secured $150 million from the Australian Government, to seal priority unsealed roads. The funding comes via the Australian Government’s Sealing Roads in the Dandenong Ranges and surrounds program, in which 164 priority unsealed roads across Cardinia Shire and Yarra Ranges Shire will be sealed
  • It will take 8 years to seal all prioritised roads. Works are expected to start on the first roads in late-2021.
  • Sealing roads reduces dust and improves access for residents and emergency vehicles.

  • Council will be contacting landowners whose roads are scheduled for works as part of a consultation process. This will give affected landowners a chance to better understand the project and have a say regarding their street
  • Landowners will be asked to decide on whether they would like their street to be part of this community changing project
  • Individual road sealing projects will only proceed if a majority of Landowners support the works in their street
  • If you are a tenant, your landlord will be consulted about the works.

Comment on a plan

This section will feature concept designs for the roads that are prioritised for sealing as part of the Sealing the Hills project.

The designs will be featured here for you to view as they become available. You can also share any comments or feedback.

Roads to be sealed map

Roads to be sealed

Council has signed off on a priority road list of 164 road: view the list here, or view them on the map below.

Roads considered for sealing were chosen according to their:

Community value - roads providing access to community facilities or are close to a highly populated area (township)

Traffic volumes - higher traffic roads receiving higher scores

Strategic value - roads linking townships, alternative access routes to main roads, and those deemed as a high value fire escape route.

Residential density - calculated by dividing the number of lots by the length of the road

Safety - taken from the latest crash data available as well safety assessments where available

Maintenance costs - this is based on the ongoing level of maintenance that is required by Council for each road.


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