Calling all colourful kids! We need your help to select the colours we should use for the exciting new kinetic butterfly sculpture outside the Rix Road Integrated Family and Children’s Centre.

All children are invited to participate.

  1. Download and print the outline of the beautiful butterfly.
  2. Colour in the wings.
  3. Take a photo or scan your butterfly and send it to us below.

Artist Nick Athanasiou from Skunk Control with gather your completed butterflies, and your artwork will inspire the final design!

Submissions close Monday 11 October, so get colouring!

About the sculpture

The sculpture incorporates light and movement and features 25 different-coloured butterflies made of steel and glass. The butterflies are around 60 centimetres across and inlaid with optical film to refract colour and paint, surrounding the landscape in light.

The design draws inspiration from local butterfly species found in Cardinia Shire’s healthland areas including Jalmenus evagoras also known as the imperial hairstreak or imperial blue and Oreixenica Correae or the Correa Brown.

Commissioned artist: Nick Athanasiou, Skunk Control