Key points

  • We invite you to have your say on the updated plans for Pakenham’s town centre (the draft Pakenham Structure Plan and Urban Design Framework – Amendment C228).
  • Amendment C228 proposes to implement the Pakenham Structure Plan 2019 and Pakenham Major Activity Centre Urban Design Framework 2019 into the Cardinia Planning Scheme. This will set out the requirements that future planning applications will need to meet, and provide a blueprint for a vibrant and sustainable town centre.
  • You can give feedback by completing the online survey, writing a submission or by coming to one of the 4 drop-in sessions being held in Pakenham during November.
  • The closing date for feedback is 5pm, Friday 6 December 2019.

Download the fact sheet Read the FAQs

About the draft updated Pakenham Structure Plan and Urban Design Framework

The Pakenham Structure Plan guides the way land is used within the Pakenham Major Activity Centre (town centre).

The Urban Design Framework outlines the design requirements for developments including heights and setbacks (building restrictions).

  • The Pakenham Structure Plan 2017 was first adopted by Council in 2015 and incorporated into the Cardinia Planning Scheme through Amendment C211 (approved in March 2017).
  • This new draft plan is an update of the Pakenham Structure Plan 2017.
  • The plan has been reworked to bring it up to date and significantly reduce its length to make it more succinct.
  • The area the structure plan covers has been reduced in this new draft. It now includes the area between Pakenham Railway line, McGregor Road, the former Pakenham Racecourse development and Princes Highway.

As part of this consultation, you can have your say on Pakenham town centre matters including:

  • land use and development
  • road, cycle and pedestrian connections
  • housing options
  • open spaces and entrances
  • the ‘Pakenham Place’ site
  • building heights, setbacks and facades.

View the FAQ sheets for more info

Location of the area covered by the Pakenham Structure Plan

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View the documents


View the documents at DELWP's Planning documents on exhibition web page

Hard copy

You can also view a hard copy of the documents during office hours, free of charge, at:

  • Cardinia Shire Council’s Customer Service Centre, 20 Siding Avenue, Officer
  • Pakenham Library, corner Henry Street and John Street, Pakenham.

About submissions and information privacy

Anyone can make a submission.

The submission can do any of the following:

  • support
  • seek changes to the form and/or content of the amendment
  • not support.

Council must consider all submissions as part of the amendment process.

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 submissions to amendments are public documents. Please ensure you read our privacy collection notice before making a submission.

If concerns cannot be resolved by making changes to the amendment, Council may refer submissions to an independent Planning Panel for review.

How to give feedback

All submissions must be made in writing and submitted to Council.

Please note: Submissions to amendments are public documents under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act). Section 21(2) of the Act requires a planning authority to make a copy of every submission available at its office for any person to inspect, during office hours and free of charge, for 2 months after an amendment comes into operation or lapses.

Make an online submission

Make a submission

Come to a drop-in session

Main Street Pakenham

  • Wednesday 6 November: 10am to 2pm
  • Saturday 9 November: 10am to 1pm

Pakenham Library

  • Wednesday 27 November: 3pm to 5pm
  • Saturday 30 November: 10am to 1pm.

Other ways to give feedback

To make a written submission, you can use this online submission form or write your own submission and submit in one of the following ways:



Planning Strategy and Urban Design Team
Amendment C228
Cardinia Shire Council
PO Box 7,
Pakenham VIC 3810

Hand deliver

To one of the drop-in sessions or to our Customer Service Centre at 20 Siding Avenue, Officer. (View our location in Google Maps).

Closing date for feedback

Submissions close 5pm, Friday 6 December 2019.

What are the next steps?

Council considers all submissions and, if concerns cannot be resolved, refers submissions to an independent Planning Panel for review. The Planning Panel is appointed by the Minister for Planning. A public hearing, where all submitters can present and be heard, is then held. The Planning Panel reviews each submission and provides a report with recommendations to Council and the Minister for Planning.

Preset hearing dates

Panel Hearing dates have been preset as follows:

  • Directions Hearing: Week of 30 March 2020
  • Panel Hearing: Week of 4 May 2020

Confirmation of Panel Hearing dates and further details will be provided to those who make a submission.


Call the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 787 624 or email