Community input on our priorities

We are checking in with you to see which issues are important to you as we plan the 2022/23 budget which will deliver the Council Plan strategies and initiatives.

About the survey

In early 2021 Imagine Cardinia and Imagine Cardinia People’s Panel was used to identify priorities for the Council Plan, Financial Plan and Council Budget.

In order to deliver on the community’s priorities through the Council Plan, Council prepares 4 year rolling budgets which are adopted annually. Council is now taking this opportunity to check in on the priorities identified by you early in 2021 and which are reflected in the Council Plan, to inform the 2022/2023 annual budget.

In reviewing and adopting the annual budget, Council considers the following:

  • Rate capping – Essential Services Commission sets the rate cap every year. The rate cap limits the maximum amount a council can increase general rates and municipal charges.
  • Annual CPI movement.
  • Actions from new Masterplans and Adopted Strategies.
  • Statutory Rate increases, i.e. Superannuation Guarantee increase, WorkCover rate, etc.
  • New contractual expenditure and change of scope of contracts.
  • Utilities.
  • New legislative requirements, i.e. Asset Management Plan, Workforce Plan, etc.
  • Council Subscriptions.
  • Fees and Charges updated in line with Statutory and Non Statutory parameters.
  • Populations changes and impacts.
  • Grant income received.
  • Capital Budget changes.
  • Enterprise Bargaining Implications.
  • Results of community engagement activities.

Early in 2021 you told us the following issues were important to you and we included them as priorities in the Council Plan:

Strong communities

We empower our communities to be healthy, connected, and resilient.

We work together to support everyone to be healthy, active and connected. Individuals feel included, safe and are valued for who they are. We have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination. Our community services and facilities meet the diverse needs of our communities.

Liveable places

We support the creation of liveable spaces and places.

Cardinia Shire is a great place to live, work and play. How we plan and grow creates places that enhance our community's health and wellbeing and protects what we love.

Thriving environments

We value our natural assets and support our biodiversity to thrive.

We place a high value on our natural assets and biodiversity. We take action to help our natural assets and biodiversity thrive and build their resilience to climate change and natural hazards. We enhance green spaces and habitat links, support our communities to live sustainably, and champion sustainable development and waste management practices.

Prosperous economies

We support our productive land and employment land to grow local industries.

Our rich supply of productive land, employment land, distance to markets, and education opportunities enhance Cardinia Shire as south east Melbourne's jobs capital. We work closely with farmers, businesses and industry to enhance our shire as a place to invest in the long-term, attract new industries, innovations, skill development and local job creation.

Responsible leaders

We practise responsible leadership.

We practise good governance, meet recognised standards of excellence and ensure future generations benefit from our decisions. We are accountable and make informed and responsive decisions that balance our current and future community's needs.

We are checking in with you to see if these issues are still important to you.

This feedback will be considered to inform the Council Budget. If the feedback through this survey presents significant changes to the issues you identified as important, this will be recognised in Council’s review of the 2022/2023 annual budget.

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